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Michael is Available for Lectures, Workshops, and Classes

Michael works by appointment. Please call to develop a program to facilitate your personal growth. Classes are offered for both groups and for private, individual study.

Journey to Enlighten

This is a six month class where you will be guided to find an answer to the question: Who am I? The class will include astrological consultation, meditation, yoga, and methods to get closer to your own personal enlightenment. Over the duration of the class, you will also have unlimited access to Michael's Spiritual Counseling. (Call for Price)

Spiritual Counseling

Michael will provide guidance to help you find peace within yourself and to help you take a spiritual approach to any challenges that may arise in your life. The goal is to help you to understand the spiritual roots of any disturbances in your psyche. Using this knowledge, you can liberate the emotions that hold you back, and bring the consciousness you want into reality. The goal is for you to empower yourself. This is a private and confidential one hour consultation. (Call for Price) 

Astrological Consultation

Michael will interpret your natal chart; this will help you to better understand your behavior patterns, gain insight into your personality, find your calling in life, and recognize the core values you were born with so that you'll be able to improve and direct your life. Phone consultation is available. Astrological Consultation $150.

Energy Work

This healing technique involves using color and sound to bring the DNA into deeper harmony with nature. Vibration is the most powerful form of healing, and through color and sound we can remove the blocks and stagnant energy that keep you from realizing your highest potential. (Call for Price)


Through deep relaxation, you will journey into your subconscious to look at behavior patterns and help modify them so that you will be able to reach your highest potential. Past life regression and age regression are also available.  (Call for Price)

Deep Relaxation Workshops
Yoga Nidra is the basis for consciously going into the Alpha level to find conscious relaxation and visualization that will allow you to create the environment you want for yourself. (Call for Price)

Massage and BodyworkMassage and Bodywork
Michael offers various types of massage, including Swedish, Acupressure, and Jin Shin Do. The benefits of massage are improved circulation, easing of muscle tension, and relaxation. This can also include healing with color and sound. (Call for Price)

Shambhala Healing Tools
Michael works on the etheric body, which can create a deeper level of healing. This work is done underneath a pyramid. (Call for Price)

Yoga Classes
Michael's yoga classes combine traditional Hatha Yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques. (Call for Price)

Classes on Astrology, Tarot, Qabalah, and Tree of Life
These classes teach methods to help you spiritually develop and learn more about yourself and your potential for personal development. (Call for Price)

This is healing work, using and directing the universal energy or life force. (Call for Price)




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