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Ushering in the Golden Age:  Elevate Your Consciousness


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This is a must-read for all. It takes people into the truth about the soul and how creating a spiritual consciousness creates more peace and joy in one's life. This book is about shifting the individual consciousness in order to shift the planetary consciousness. Michael talks about why people need to take one hundred percent responsibility, and how people can make choices which form the basis for self-empowerment as one opens oneself to the infinite possibilities of the universe. This book is a bible on shifting your way of being and starting to realize that you are a spiritual being. This book also talks about relationships and how to see them as healing tools that can liberate the soul.


Testimonial from Kate Loving Schenk:

Michael Robin Collins' new book: "Ushering in the Golden Age," is his gift of love to the world. I believe Michael has many more gifts for us waiting to be released for the transformation of the planet.

As I read "Ushering in the Golden Age," I wondered if the Golden Age is a utopian dream. As such, does that mean we have to wait for the world to catch up?

An evaluation of the word utopia was in order, for as we raise our own consciousness, the world around us suddenly becomes lighter, brighter and loving. This is exactly what the Golden Age is all about, as simple as it sounds.

Michael sprinkles the concept of "wordsmithing" throughout his book. For instance, in the process of becoming more conscious of the words we use to describe our state of health or mind, we liberate ourselves to embrace positive mental attitudes.

As an example, I had a headache this morning and I wanted the headache to go away in 40 minutes. Instead of repeating to my subconscious mind, "I will be pain free in 40 minutes," I now said, "I am liberated in divine love now." Breaking this down equated to freedom with the "in" breath and divine love with the "out" breath. By replacing the word pain with divine love and freedom, my subconscious mind allowed me to heal very quickly.

The headache disappeared almost instantaneously!

We must find our own way in our own time to realize the Golden Age.  Michael reassures us that the Golden Age is already here. We can access it in the here and now.

All we have to do is make the decision to do so.

Testimonial from Fran Monaco

My willingness to transform my life began the moment I started reading Michael Robin Collins' new book, "Ushering in the Golden Age: Elevate Your Consciousness." Right from the Introduction, in the first two sentences - "See yourself as a perfect human being. What is stopping you from being the most loving, compassionate person you know how to be?" - I knew that person needed to be me.

For the past several years I have been stuck - not ready or willing to move forward. Then I read in Chapter 11, "Changing your thoughts literally means changing your life." And further into that chapter, "Remember to keep clearing all the data that stops you from realizing your dreams." I realized that letting in those negative thoughts and data that fill my mind from time-to-time is the very thing that is stopping me from moving forward, from realizing my dreams and fulfilling my purpose.

After reading Chapter 10, I was able to help a friend who just found out she had stage-four cancer by reading her the following, "As we understand the metaphysical definitions of illness, we get a clue to where we have disconnected from our Spirit. As we change our thinking, we change what is manifesting in our bodies." My friend started to change all of her negative thoughts to positive ones and to connect with her Spirit every day. Her operation was successful and she is on the mend.

Michael's book is for everyone - everyone who is tired of living in the status quo of their existence. The concept that it is possible to "Usher in the Golden Age" as a result of everyone on the planet making the changes they each need to make in their own lives is absolutely exhilarating.

Fran Monaco, MBA
Certified Association Executive
Certified Life Coach

Testimonial from Saquina Akanni

Ditto Kate Loving Schenk: Michael Robin Collins' new book: "Ushering in the Golden Age," is truly one of his gifts of love to the world. Michael has mastered one of the secrets from Ancient Wisdom, Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics. It is all rooted in Love. You are what you focus on, believe, think, feel and say. Beliefs and thoughts have a vibration and frequency of attraction. Feelings are stronger like a magnet. Language and words are a Breath of Qi (consciousness, energy, information, frequency, vibration and power) that start the manifestation process which leads to desires, behavior and actions that create our reality. We create our own Heaven or Hell. Primary consciousness is rooted in the Heart and allows us to tap into the realm of possibilities to create what we want as well as to heal ourself. Michael guides you to access the Golden Age. It is already here. Buy it. Read it. Share it.

Saquina Akanni
The Prosperity Doctor
Something Wonderful is Unfolding for You.
Practitioner, Consultant, Speaker, Author, Healer

Testimonial from Tom (Too Tall) Cunningham

I know Michael Collins personally and he is a brilliant man who has studied personal development from many angles over a long period of time. His book reflects that.

When I read, I use a pen to underline parts that I will write in my journal or share online. I have so many parts of Michael's book underlined for its profound thoughts that it will be very time consuming to write it all in my journal. Throughout the book I had to stop reading to think about and process thoughts and ideas that struck me hard.

I highly recommend that you purchase, and read Michael's book. You will be a better person after reading it and the world will be a better place after you read it.

Tom (Too Tall) Cunningham


Meditation of Ananda


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The Meditation of Ananda was created with the intention of connecting one to the soul that resides in the Heart center. To further express that intention, the meditation is designed so that one connects with his or her own Heart and then in turn is able to connect with each and every Heart on the planet. The Soul is the place of love and of our oneness with the infinite spirit and all beings. LOVE is the greatest power in the universe. Love, with all of its spiritual connotations, brings one back to a time of innocence. The spiritual aspect of love is the greatest of all, the giving of love for the sake of love. The giving of love is the greatest experience one can choose for the self. This is Love seeking no-thing in return.

The purpose of the Meditation of Ananda is to heal the heart and nurture the Soul. The Meditation of Ananda allows the listener to have:

  • Greater Levels of Peace
  • More Love and Joy, Moment to Moment
  • Relaxation
  • More Harmony in Relationships
  • Healing
  • Elimination of Dis-Ease
  • Success in Business
  • Self-Realization

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Babaji Chant


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This is a chant of Babaji. Babaji had only one commandment, which is: Love All. The chant brings the presence of Babaji into your life.

OM Kriya Babaji Namah AUM.

Soaring on the Spirit of Love


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This is the music from Meditation of Ananda. This music stimulates your imagination and takes you deeper into the Mediation of Ananda, inspiring you to go beyond.




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