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Michael Collins has enriched my life with more than his words- he enlightens with his heart. His compassion and skill as a teacher are unprecedented. He has taught me and continues to teach me how to bring peace, love, joy and freedom into my life regardless of the 'obstacle' before me. I am beyond fortunate to have his guidance and I hope that many others will receive the treasured wisdom that he shares. I am forever grateful for the day that we met, as it commenced one of the most catalytic and powerful forces on my path of evolution.
Many thanks,

Zoe Taylor
  Michael Collins is a gifted healer and teacher. He speaks from the heart and finds great joy in helping people reconnect with the best aspects of themselves, elevate their consciousness, and create greater healing and wellbeing. I feel privileged to work with him on his incredible books; I've learned a lot, and it's helped me to greatly improve my life.

Jill Schweizer

  Michael Collins is what you call a living testimony. He not only talks about what he has learned, he talks about what he has lived. His message is one that all people from every walk of life would benefit from experiencing. He is a must hear speaker who's actions speak louder than words.

The Potentialist
Dion Jordan


I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Rev. Michael Collins at a Release workshop a few years ago. We had an immediate connection and worked on various spiritual projects. I was instantly moved by his many talents and inspired by his meditative abilities which left me empowered and uplifted.

Michael has traveled and worked extensively with spiritual leaders and healers. He is a renowned inspirational speaker and also teaches how to self- heal through  integration of mind, body, spirit which moves you to a higher level of wellness, where you can live a more healthy life. Michael has touched the lives of many through his ministries, gifts and talents. I would recommend him without hesitation, to anyone for healing any kind of issues.

Andrea Barnettt
Rainbow Enterprises

  I believe that one must heal themselves to be able to heal others. Michael has done just that. He has healed himself and is a wonderful spiritual teacher and healer because he speaks from the heart. He has tapped into the great spiritual force that connects us all. Through his books and teachings he demonstrates and guides us to healing on all levels. He provides us with the tools to change our lives through education, diet and spirituality.

Michaels voice is a breath of fresh air and offers a new perspective to overcoming illness, health challenges, disease and simply living life fully. He is an inspiration to me personally and his experience has given me greater insights as a teacher and healer myself. Thank you Michael!

Lillian Butler
Raw Soul

  Michael Collins is an expert in the field of metaphysical experiences. He is very knowledgeable and well read in the field. He exudes a great deal of compassion and is very eager to help everyone create their true potential. He feels love is the central theme in everything and he shows this to everyone he comes in contact with.

Judy Bolton
  Michael is an influential person, a teacher who preaches from his heart. His teachings are not just words but practical examples that he has set for himself and instilled in his own life. His self-determination and his patience is a motivating factor for anyone who wants to bring a change in their lives. Working with Michael has had a great impact on my life; he has changed my perception and helped me enhance my abilities further.

Deepak Sukhija














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