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In 2008, Michael overcame diabetes through diet and nutrition. Concentrating primarily on a raw food diet, Michael was able to cure himself of diabetes in a three month time period. The Veria Network did an Incurables episode on Michael's story. The Incurables

Part 1


Part 2

Michael talks about the choices we have when it comes to our health, and how people instinctively know what's going on in their bodies. Michael emphasizes taking your power back and finding peace within to overcome any dis-ease. He not only looks into the physical aspects of dis–ease, but also the mental and spiritual aspects and how our thoughts and relationship to the Creator are paramount factors in our wellbeing. Through the management of a more constructive psychology, we can reduce the amount of stress in our lives and find more harmonious ways of living. Michael offers lectures and workshops on food, psychology, and spirituality to help people create peace within, which, in the end, will create a happier, healthier you.




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