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Michael speaks on his new publication, "Ushering in the Golden Age: Elevate your Consciousness." He intertwines his book and the principles he has learned as a Certified Napoleon Hill Leadership Instructor into a mesmerizing story of personal improvement and reaching your goals in business and life.

 The topics he speaks on are:

The Napoleon Hill 17 Principles of Success.
Michael can speak on the principles individually or combine the principles to deliver a message of self-empowerment and the virtues leading to success. The seventeen principles of success are as follows:

      Finding your definite major purposeMichael Robin Collins
     Mastermind alliance
     Creating a pleasing personality
     Applied faith
     Going the extra mile
     Personal initiative
     Creating a positive mental attitude
     Accurate thinking
     Concentrated attention
     Learning from adversity and defeat
     Creative vision
     Maintenance of sound health
     Budgeting time and money
     Cosmic habitforce

Other benefits of Napoleon Hill's philosophy in Michael's new book are:
Sales and marketing from a spiritual perspective; how to increase Michael Collins Book Signingsales and have more happiness in your life
Know who you are; we are all spiritual beings
The healing power of Love
Tell a different story; creating a spirit based consciousness
How to create more Love and higher self-esteem
Take your power back; being in control of your choice
Using meditation, the Law of Attraction, and the power of the imagination to create your life's circumstances
Wordsmithing - The ability to consciously use your words to create anything your heart desires.

This is an examination of the words and what is actually being said and suggested to your subconscious to formulate what is being created in your world. Through examination of your words, we can pinpoint how your thoughts are shaping your reality.

Goal-setting and the formulas to increase riches in your life.
Michael talks about discovering your major purpose in life and then how to use the imagination and create a vision to manifest what your heart desires.
The importance of taking 100% responsibility for all your actions.
The way to create positive energy within an organization without playing the blame-game or feeling as if you are a victim to the situation.
Creating harmonious relationships in the work environment and personal relationships.
Through creating mastermind alliances and teamwork, learn how to get people on the same page and working in a spirit of cooperative harmony.
The power of forgiveness.

Book SigningMichael speaks on the power of letting go all negative thoughts and re-establishing positive energy within your life. When we hold on to grudges and thoughts of revenge, we only paralyze ourselves. Michael talks on the importance of letting go and shifting the energy in your world.

How to overcome dis-ease in your life
Michael speaks on his personal experience of overcoming diabetes with a raw food diet. He talks about the trials and tribulations of taking his power back and using his will to heal himself.

     The power of diet and raw foods in the healing process
     The need for the appropriate body weight
     Rest and the ability to allow your body to regenerate
     Exercise and the movement of energy





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