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Mission Statement:

My purpose is to be of service to the planet

By inspiring people to understand and experience


Through my compassionate healing energy,

Calmness and stillness from meditation,

Willingness to serve others with GRATITUDE,

Recognition of all as SOURCE through surrender,


Heart to Heart,

Celebrating the ONENESS of us all.

I have learned to bridge my corporate work experience and spiritual studies to present a worldly view based upon spiritual principles.

2008-2010- Michael embarked on a career of inspirational and motivational speaking. He has spoken on overcoming "incurable" situations, taking your power back, finding your purpose, health and nutrition, and leadership.  He's also addressed the subjects of bullying and of how you can create a balanced, healthy psychology by looking at and understanding patterns of mental slavery and how to overcome your conditioning.

In 2008 Michael overcame diabetes through diet and nutrition. Concentrating primarily on a raw food diet, Michael was able to cure himself of diabetes in a three month time period. The Veria Network did an Incurables episode on Michael's story. (read more)

Michael has devoted the last 30 years of his life to serving humanity and studying the Spiritual Sciences. Upon his graduation from The Johns Hopkins University, Michael studied astrology with Mr. Zoltan Mason for 5 years in New York City. Michael has been a Consulting Astrologer since 1980, and has interpreted over 1,500 birth charts and taught classes on basic astrology. In 1984, Michael graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage and is a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York State. Michael has been involved in Natural Healing since 1979. He achieved the degree of Reiki Master in 1996. He has done healing work with color and sound, crystals, magnets, and the Mental Powers within. Michael has been practicing Yoga since 1978 and is a certified Yoga Instructor from Integral Yoga of New York; he has created workshops on Yoga Nidra, a form of yoga which involves deep relaxation meditation. Michael is an ordained Interfaith Minister. He has co-led the NYC chapter of Builders of the Adytum's (BOTA) study group, teaching Tarot and Qabalah. Michael is also a Certified Hypnotherapist from the New York Institute of Hypnotherapy. He is a graduate of the Silva Method, and has completed the Babaji Kriya Yoga Teacher Training course.

As a spiritual counselor, I can use my vast experience to guide you along the razor's edge as you walk that delicate path of understanding the spiritual principles and learn how to live by these guidelines so you can realize inner peace and ripeness. The ability to control your reactions and develop a psychology based upon the Laws of the Universe is what puts you in harmony with your environment. To find the threads of joy that link spirit to spirit is the reward of doing this work; it brings peace to ourselves and to all mankind. In the finding of Brotherhood and Sisterhood in each of our hearts, we learn to respect all life and strive to keep our hearts open to all existence. When we understand that life is a journey, we find the ability to love all.




Studied Ho'opanopano

Certified in Medical Aromatherapy - Wisdom of the Earth 2007, 2010


Certified Raw Food Chef

Nutrition Counseling and Detoxification Program

Certified Para-Tan healing facilitator


Michael overcame his own diabetes through diet and nutrition, concentrating primarily on a raw food diet


Release technique of Lester Levenson


Took Babaji Kriya Yoga Teachers' Training


Third Degree Reiki Master


Certified Hypnotherapist -  Pathways to Health


Graduate of the Silva Method
Meditation, Healing, and Relaxation


Ordained Interfaith Minister

Studied at The New Seminary under the direction of Rabbi Joseph Gelberman

Studied the connectedness of all Faiths

Certified Hypnotherapist from the New York Institute of Hypnotherapy


Member of Builders of the Adytum since 1989 - 13 year course of study of Tarot, Qabalah, and Tree of Life


New York State Licensed Massage Therapist

Studied Swedish massage, Shiazu, Jin Shin Do, and Acupressure

1977 to 1982

Studied Astrology with Mr. Zoltan Mason of New York City


Certified Yoga Instructor

Jain Yoga Teacher Training


Graduated from The Johns Hopkins University  B.A. Psychology
Studied the work of Freud, Jung, Alder, Reich




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