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Ushering In The Golden Age"Creating Inner Peace to Manifest a Peaceful World."

Imagine yourself on vacation on a sun-drenched beach and each day you receive gifts from the Divine. Imagine these gifts are keys to your transformation into the Loving and Peaceful person you have always desired to Be. Visualize these gifts transforming your life for the better.

As you prepare to return home from this magnificent vacation, you are allowed to take one gift or all with you. These gifts are presents from your Inner Teacher, guiding you to unlock the Divine within.

Ushering in the Golden Age is a handbook for creating and manifesting the Peace and Love your Heart desires.

This book explores concepts that will help you find confidence, self-motivation and develop leadership qualities. It offers keys to manifesting what you desire from life.
  • Develop Heart-Centered, fulfilling relationships.
  • Find more Love and more intimacy in sex.
  • Understand the importance of taking time for yourself and find the keys to self-preservation.
  • Craft strategies for managing work, play and creating the prosperity your Heart Desires.
  • Create a psychology that moves you into a life of Ease.

Learn how to take your power back.

Feel the domino-effect trickling into each and every cell, and each cell becoming filled with Love, Joy, and Freedom.





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